Business Opportunities


  1. Who is Le Moulin de Provence?
  2. Franchise model and why is this a unique opportunity?
  3. Our ethics: why are we so special?
  4. Training and Support: our strength
  5. Support Marketing and Support in our promotion
  6. Financial conditions
  7. How to become a candidate?
Who is Le Moulin de Provence?

Le Moulin de Provence was created by Claude Bonnet in 1998. To this day he is still the only founder of our company. His business model has always been based on the desire to provide Canadian consumers with a unique way to discover French, Italian and European flavors in general in terms of Bakery, Pastry, or catering.

To this desire to bring flavor, Claude Bonnet has also always wanted to bring an atmosphere, a sense of well-being specific to our business when we come to buy his bread, or settle down to taste our delicious pastries or cooking recipes.

Located in the heart of Ottawa's Byward Market, Le Moulin de Provence is one of the largest retail stores in the National Capital. We always have a large amount of different nationalities in our collaborators (whether in production or sales), which is our exception in terms of openness, tolerance and multiculturalism. It also translates into the ability of our business to accommodate its customers in a large number of different languages, making them feel at home.

With nearly 300 fresh products produced daily, we take up daily one of the biggest challenges of our profession. Our artisan way of baking is the essence of our success: producing large quantities in a traditional, manual and fresh daily is a great organization, precision and involvement of all our employees. Many of our products can only be found here, demonstrating our European experience and inspiration to offer them to our customers.

Franchise model and why is this a unique opportunity?

Our franchise model is an independent franchise model.

The word " independent" is very important to us because it means a fundamental element: Partners who invest to join our adventure do not pay Royalties on their sales.
Our sales model is a unique license, sold only once at the start of our collaboration agreement. The objective is to guarantee our partners that they are the owners of their businesses, and not disguised subcontractors, prisoners of binding and expensive rules. The Moulin de Provence is the only Franchise offering this business model: our partners invest in their store, the license allows them to use:
- Our sign
- Our graphic charter
- The marketing support that we provide weekly
- To benefit from a catalog of exceptional products
- Supply conditions that guarantee comfortable margins

At the production level, we deliver our partners each morning for sale under the same conditions as at our main store. Thus our guests feel just as comfortable and well received regardless of the Moulin de Provence where they would go.

Our ethics: why are we so special?

Since the creation of the Moulin de Provence, Claude Bonnet has always striven, every day, for the last 20 years, to instill in his employees a way of working, rigor and high standards, in order to to satisfy its customers in all circumstances.

This rigor is also found in the relations and the choice of our suppliers: because we also privilege the natural products, fresh and coming from the Canadian agriculture.

The level of training we offer our employees and partners is also up to our requirements.

As with any successful and successful company, over the years we have implemented processes of manufacturing, organization, sales and customer relations that have ensured our current success, and our reference image in this field.

Training and Support: our strength

All our partners benefit from a training and support program adapted to their profile.

Accompaniment before opening:
We accompany you in the validation of the location, the surface, and the layout of the store (design)

  • Pre-opening training
    You spend several weeks in our main store to familiarize yourself with the management and production procedures, as well as the establishment or the daily closure of the store. You will also learn how to manage the crates, stocks, and how to train your new employees as well
  • Marketing Training
    Customer management and communication methods, loyalty programs or commercial activities in the store to attract new customers or retain existing ones.
  • Support at the opening
    A few days before the opening, we assist you in your store for the latest details, and ensure everything is functional to ensure the success you deserve!
  • During the first week, you will have our support in your store for additional training hot and in your environment.

  • Until the third week, we will visit you regularly to ensure that everything goes well and that you have reached cruising speed. These visits will also serve to refine the points that you might miss.

Marketing and Support in our promotion

The Moulin de Provence has invested heavily in communication and marketing solutions.

Among these solutions:
  • Dynamic Display and Weekly Content Management (Screens + Live Sound)
    Product Promotions
  • Extremely popular website
  • Online Sales Site, benefiting our franchisees also
  • Online sales to customers
    Portal dedicated to our franchisees for daily orders
  • Social Networks with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

The Moulin de Provence provides its franchisees with the management of communication and the image of the commercial sign "Le Moulin de Provence" whether in the name of the Mill at the Byward Market or in one of its branches.

Any commercial operation set up by Le Moulin de Provence can be duplicated to our franchisees, to help them increase their sales. We support all the digital communication necessary for this purpose.

Financial conditions

The financial conditions to become an independent franchisee are very simple, due to the strong will of our president to retain the freedom of entrepreneurs of our franchisees.

The average overall amount needed to open a "Le Moulin de Provence" franchise typically ranges from $ 750,000 CAD to $ 950,000 CAD, with approximately $ 120,000 CAD in cash.

This envelope includes several aspects of the investment:
  • License "The Moulin de Provence"
  • Investment Materials
    Shop works
  • Investment Initial payroll
  • Initial Investment Structure Dynamic Display (Screens and Live Sound)
The monthly charge for participation in marketing expenses is 3%.

There is NO ROYALTY to pay, hence the term independent franchise.

How to become a Candidate?

You just need to validate some simple steps:
  • Do you feel an entrepreneur?
  • Do you like team challenges?
  • Are you a leader and federator of your employees?
  • Do you have an initial budget established above $ 120,000 CAD?
  • Do you already have an idea of where you would like to open a Moulin de Provence?

If so, just fill out the form at the end of the page, and we'll get back to you soon.